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IC Wolf's Mind-Wanderings and Events

Friday, June 19, 2009

1:27PM - Errrrr... Ehem!

So... I graduated. ^^

BS in Computer Science, Highest Honor (summa cum laude). Managed to get a 4.0 in my last semester, which pushed me over the threshold. Woooo! ^^ Got a job lined up (have for a while) and I'm starting a week from Monday. I'm really excited, and really hoping it's going to be a great job. All signs are pointing to that being the case.

Hux also proposed to me, and I said yes. :) So I'm really excited that that happened. I now have a tungsten band with a silver inlay to show for it. ^^ We were hiking at Cloudland Canyon State Park, eating lunch by a waterfall, when he popped the question. Quite the ideal setting for us! We're not doing anything about it for a while, seeing as we haven't even lived together yet. But I'm sure I'll post once any plans formalize.

In other news... I've been on vacation since the beginning of May, and Hux and I went on a cruise in early May. We boarded at Ft. Lauderdale, and stopped in Key West and Belize City, Belize. In Key West we just took a tour and walked around while we were in port, but in Belize we went on a shore excursion to see some Mayan ruins. :) They were really cool, and I took lots of pictures. I hope to have them up on Flickr or something to share soon. There were also 2 days at sea, during which I managed to toast certain parts of my chest to a crisp through uneven application of sunblock. Oops! It itched like a bitch for a few days, but it's finally healed up and is just a nice tan blotch now. Oh well... could be worse!

We also went down to Savannah with my friend Wes to chill out and have a sightseeing weekend. We walked all along River Street and through a good portion of Savannah's Historic District. The hotel we stayed at was pretty nice and we made excellent use of the pool. :) We tried to go to Tybee Island on Sunday, but there was a horrible wreck on the main highway going to the island, so we just ended up heading home a little early. Maybe next time!

Today I got an iPhone 3G S, and I am absolutely loving it. After using the iPhone 2G ("Classic" as I call it) for over a year, I can definitely appreciate how much faster it is at... Well, everything! Launching apps, browsing with Safari, taking pictures, even syncing (which I DEFINITELY like a lot... the iPhone 2G took FOREVER to backup/sync). It's also a lot louder... the old iPhone lost some volume over time and I can definitely hear it with the new one. So I'm looking forward to enjoying that for what will probably be at least a year. ;)

In other geek news, I also upgraded the hard drive in my MacBook Pro from a 120 GB 5400 RPM drive to a 500 GB 7200 RPM Seagate Momentus drive. There is definitely a noticeable speedup in boot time as well as launching apps and Spotlight searches. Ended up being a very nice and relatively cheap upgrade... $129 for the drive (free shipping) plus $50 to have a local repair shop install it (Apple Authorized Repair Center, since I don't want to void my AppleCare). I would highly recommend it for anyone with an older model laptop with a 5400 RPM SATA drive.

That's about all that's up with me... I'm sure I'll be posting soon with news about my new job. For those that aren't aware, I usually update my Twitter account a lot more than LJ nowadays. You can follow "icwolf" to see my random blatherings throughout the day. :) I'll try to update LJ more, but it just seems like a chore compared to Twitter... Hehe, I'm so damn lazy. XP

Tracks and a howl,

-- IC

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

8:58PM - Beer <3

I love beer. I especially love Yuengling. It is so good! *does a little dance*

So tired of school at this point. Having to force myself to do schoolwork because I just don't care anymore. I have a job, there's only 1.5 months of school left. So hard to feel motivated...

At least it's warm again. Doesn't look like it's going to drop below about 50 from here on (in fact I'll be surprised if it does). I'm really glad because I was getting really tired of the warm->rain->cold->warm->rain->cold cylce we had going on there for a while.

Enchiladas were good tonight. I feel sated and numb. Back to trying to force myself to do schoolwork I guess...

-- IC

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

6:00PM - Testing testing...

Can has iPhone LJ app?

Kthxbye. Hands are cold.


-- IC

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4:01PM - Stuff. Also, junk.

I'm sitting on my couch, bored (even though I have stuff to do) and tired. Thought I'd write an LJ entry since I haven't in a while.

Listening to Nobody Likes Onions and browsing random crap. Just finished a bunch of probability/statistics homework and about to go to my Software Engineering class. Got my ears irrigated today at the doctor's... there was a bunch of accumulated... stuff... in there. Glad I got it cleaned out, it really needed to be done. Got into a bit of an altercation at the health center this morning... I was 5 minutes late (damn trolley sat at the station for 15 minutes, making me late) and one of the male nurses essentially bitched me out for it. At least the doctor was really nice and friendly. Ah, well... water under the bridge.

I can't wait for this semester to be over... I'm so ready to be done with taking math classes... forever. I graduate next May and am so ready to have a full-time job and some decent money. I've been interviewing with a few companies already, and have already gotten an offer (which I'm turning down... 5 months training in India doesn't sound appealing). I hope when I start my job search in earnest next semester that I can find a job in the area that I really like.

Anyway... that's a quick update for me... not too exciting. ;) Off to class... yay

-- IC

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Friday, March 14, 2008


Smash Bros. Brawl is so awesome! My friend code is 3652-0273-2910 if anyone wants to play me :P

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

12:01AM - FWAH 2008

Holy crap, it's Tuesday and I'm STILL tired from staffing/participating in FWA! x.x But it was totally awesome, the best con I've been to in a while! I'm really glad I was part of making it happen... I've seen SO much positive feedback that all the sleep deprivation, caffeine-guzzling, and sore muscles are totally worth it. ;)

I met some really cool people, hung out with some good friends, and got closer to others. ^^ All in all, it was a really great experience. Hali was freaking AWESOME, and I bought all his music! XP Check him out if you haven't heard him yet... and if you're going to Megaplex make SURE you check out his performance there! It's always great to see 2 again, in all his ranting glory... And Uncle Kage's panels were entertaining as well. ;)

While I missed a few things I wanted to do (staffing'll do that to ya), I still managed to get a sweet badge from likeshine which I will probably turn into an icon, and got in a few panels (including Ninja Burger, which I ran!). All in all, I'm very happy with the way everything went, and while I still suffered PCD as usual, I'm already looking forward to next year. Thanks to everyone else on staff who made everything run so smoothly, and let's look forward to an even better FWA in 2009! ^^

Tracks and a howl,

-- IC

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

1:15AM - Another GT Mindfuck Session Over! :D

Yay, all B's in my classes! I think the stress from finals is finally starting to wear off... Only for me to start up again on Monday. T-T *cries* At least I'll only have one class this time: CS 2200. I'll also be working full-time again... And with the class at 12 noon, I have an interesting problem. I'm pretty sure I'm just going to drive in the morning on MWF, leave for class, have lunch, then ride MARTA back to work so I don't have to sit in traffic during rush hour. Still, it would be less of a pain in the ass if the class were in the morning or afternoon. Le sigh.

I've had a nice restful week so far... Been up at home. Not much going on, and I'm enjoying sleeping in late. Going to head down on Friday afternoon so I can play D&D on Friday and celebrate Patches' birthday on Saturday with some other friends. It will be t3h funsauce. Then it's back up for Mothers' Day on Sunday and then back down that evening so I can go to work in the morning. Happy fun!

Anyway, other than that, not much going on with me... Just looking forward to that first big full-time paycheck with my new raise next month... *drools* Yay for paying off debts! Also, if the federal government is spying on my journal: SEND ME MY TAX RETURN, YOU BASTARDS! Also, while we're ragging on large non-specific entities... Apple: stop making line-out ports on the MacBook Pro that break and think that there is an optical cable inserted and therefore disables the speakers!

Yay for funsauce. I like that word. I think I will use it more. ^^

Tracks and a howl,

--IC Wolf

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Monday, April 2, 2007

6:22PM - Wow, forgot I had an LJ

I don't know why I haven't posted to this thing... I used to do it all the time. I guess I just don't feel like I have much that's exciting to talk about. :P

Umm, let's see, what's been going on recently... Well, I have two projects due Friday that I'm procrastinating on right now. I've been playing Zelda Twilight Princess, which I've almost beaten. I switched majors from Computer Engineering to Computer Science (hoping that one turns out ok) and I got bitten by a dog while running 2 weeks ago and had to go to the hospital for a tetanus shot and antibiotics.

Hmmmm... I've also been hanging out with hux, stratusfearx, bbateman and Alex, either separately or in various permutations. FWA 4 was an amazing success, and went almost without a hitch in the new hotel (those of you who care probably already know the story ;P). My semester is going decently, although full of projects, and I'm really looking forward to getting out of here in < 2 years.

I also just bought a brand new monitor, a Samsung SyncMaster 205BW, and it is beautiful and very wide. I also cannibalized a northbridge fan to repair my PC last night, and successfully glued the heat sink to the new fan. No flames have erupted so far! XD

Also my grandfather had a heart attack and is in the hospital. He's recovered and is in rehabilitation, and we're all rooting for him to get better. Anyone who wants to, please send him positive energy for a speedy recovery. I hope to see him over the summer when I get back to work and don't have to put up with BS projects in classes that don't matter for my major anymore. :)

Anyway, I'm going to put LJ in my bookmark bar so I remember to post here more often, but that's the skinny on what's happening lately. It was fun reading everyone else's journals too, it's been a while since I thought to check them out. ;P


Tracks and a howl,

-- IC Wolf

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Monday, February 26, 2007

11:56PM - A Microsoft Haiku

Here I am, a tool
Waiting for Windows Updates
My life is waiting.

(inspired by Patrick Wiseman)

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

2:09PM - Foxes: Now Available in Five Flavors!

Just bought these from the vending machine today. Furriest candy EVER. :P If you disagree, prove me wrong.

-- IC

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

2:38AM - Solidarity

Ummmm... so... what's new? Well I just spent the entire evening playing Civilization IV instead of studying for my Physics exam Wednesday, which is what I should be doing... >.>; Ehehe...

So uhhh, I got an A in my only class last semester, Physics I, so I'm happy about that... I also think I did pretty well at work. My A/C compressor also flunked out in my Camry, so since this was going to be the third repair that cost more than half of what the car was worth, I bid it a fond farewell, sold it to my fraternity brother, and got a Storm Silver 2007 Honda Fit! It's the shit... zippy, pretty sweet looking, small yet roomy, and gets 33 city, 38 highway. A big improvement over the V6 Camry, which got 20 city, 24 highway. x.x So I'm psyched about that. I'm actually going up home for the afternoon on Wednesday to pick up the tag for it. Whee! Yay cheap entry-model cars. :P

This semester is going ok so far, I've got Physics II (E-mag), Social Psychology, and Digital Design Lab (simple circuit assembly, whee!). They're all pretty manageable, and I'm really glad I have a 9-hour summer instead of a 12-hour one like the "minimum" says... that would have just killed me.

Sadly, I'm not going to make it to AC this year, because... I'll be in Boston this weekend! I'm going up with hux to visit his parents and see the city, since some other plans were cancelled. This'll be my first time above the Mason-Dixon line (assuming AC '05 doesn't count), so wish me luck venturing into the land of the yankees... *gulp*

I also changed my user icon, my old one was getting kinda tired. :P This one isn't too much newer, but I like seeing it more. :)

I've enjoyed the not-too-busy summer so far... I've gotten to hang out with a bunch of my friends that I don't normally get to see. Also had a lot more free time for reading, playing games, and... speak of the devil, checking LJ. :P Well I'm starting now, anyway... I haven't really been doing it that much.

Aaaaaaanyway, hopefully I'll have some cool pictures of Boston to post when I return next week! Hope everyone who's going to AC has tons of fun. I'll woof with y'all soon!

Tracks and a howl,

--IC Wolf

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Monday, June 12, 2006

1:37AM - OH NOEZ

OH GOD, MasteringPhysics knows it's dark purpose... O.O

Yet further proof that physics is of Satan himself...

More on my quest to tame the physics abominations of the internet and make the academic community safer for all later...

-- IC Wolf

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Thursday, April 20, 2006

1:31AM - Plar...

I'm very tired. So very, very, very tired. But bed will come in a minute.

Yay for a semester almost over. I know I never post on this thing anymore, but I'm terribly busy doing other stuff. Mostly work and class. I just took my last Physics I exam, ended up making my exam average a 93.5. So I'm pretty happy about that. Work has also been going well but a bit boring as of late. I'll be glad to be making a transition over to the IT department at el worko later this year (when the fall semester starts).

In not so recent news, I've had a prostate infection for some time now. I'm still on antibiotics to treat it, but hopefully that part's over soon. Since it's been going on so long, I also went to a holistic healer to see if he could possibly help me kick this thing's ass, and he said that he thinks it's another kind of infection that's moved to my kidneys. x.x So I'm taking some homeopathic meds to try to combat that. I'm praying that this crap will be gone soon, I'm sick of having to deal with it.

Meanwhile, my parents are trying to get me to come spend the summer up in the middle of nowhere (where they live), and I don't really want to go. I have a decent semester lined up for myself for the summer term, and if all goes well I should have my own room in my fraternity house. *glee* :D So anyway, we'll see what happens. I think as of now I'm trending toward getting better before that becomes necessary, so I'll just try to manifest that.

*munches on chocolate rice cake* DELICIOUS!

Other than all that junk, my life has been going pretty well. My guy Brett is doing decently well, he's been thinking of getting a new car... and I've been feeling pretty good about life lately. I hope all is going well for everyone, and I'll woof with you soon!

Tracks and a howl,

-- IC Wolf

P.S. A car burned in front of my office today! It was kind of scary. I hope the driver was all right.

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Friday, March 31, 2006


The earth as the center of the solar system?

According to physics, ingenious yet WRONG!

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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

12:19PM - o.o;

Hmm... So I'm in Psychology and taking notes, and the professor is talking about schizophrenic symptoms.

Disorders of thought: Skipping from one idea to the next, so quickly that you can make no sense of what they are trying to say
• E.g. “word salad”

Then on the side, I'm browsing artdecade's site... and I run across this site, which talks about an artist called Word Salad.

Weird. :P

-- IC

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Monday, November 28, 2005

12:23PM - Rahr.

Mmmm, Thanksgiving was good. Sweet sweet Triptopan. (Probably didn't spell that right but I don't really care.) Also had pumpkin pie, probably my favorite dessert of all time. ^^ So break was good, except that my parents forced me to lug around furniture again. Fortunately they promised it will be over next time I come visit (for Christmas). I also got to ride my horse, which was very nice and relaxing. I managed to get some homework done too, so I have less to do this week and can concentrate on studying for my Diff Eq exam. Whee. :P

I'm starting to get really tired of this semester; particularly I'm getting tired of Diff Eq. Fortunately I only have three weeks left in this semester, two of which will be really stressful. I'm just not looking forward to all that worrying and studying that will be coming up. I just want it to be over now... *sighs* But such is the plight of most college kids, I'm sure. I can't wait for the break. I'll be looking forward to work, but not so much anymore because I've discovered I have to get Physics II out of the way before I can even move on in my major. I was thinking about taking Physics somewhere else next semester, but anywhere other than here would be horribly out of the way and a waste of gas... so I'm going to be taking Physics I in the morning while working at the same time. One class won't be so hard, but... *sigh* I was really looking forward to just having *nothing*. So much for that... Oh well, such is life. Maybe if I get Physics II out of the way over the summer I can get back to no-school work semesters in the fall. Mmmm.... it'll be fun. X) Anyway, enough rambling and back to taking notes in Psychology. Later, all!

Tracks and a howl,

--IC Wolf

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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

3:03AM - Blech.

Cup ramen, I have decided, is quick and easy but also nasty. :P The cheddar cheese flavor cup I am currently eating is tastily flavored but the noodles are very gross-tasting. So I will be sticking with regular put-it-in-a-pot-and-boil-it ramen from now on. Packaged Lime Shrimp flavor FTW, bitches!! (Naruto, eat your heart out. ;P)

So I had two exams this morning in DSP and in Psych. Fortunately I didn't throw up like I usually do from nervousness before such exams... which is good because I had an antibiotic pill in my stomach. I think I rocked the DSP exam hardcore and just did OK on the Psych exam. Which doesn't really matter since we can drop an exam in that class anyway. So I'm in a good mood. :)

Also, last week was initiation week at PKT (which I hope will explain my disappearance during that time), and holy CRAP was it stressful. Had a huge DSP lab due that week and a full spectrum of homework, so it was a feat to get it all done. Fortunately I had no exams that week, so I didn't have to stress about that. The good news is, I'm a brother now! :D So it's all over, and I think it was VERY worth it all.

However, the Tuesday DURING that last week I went to the doctor about a cough and stuffy/runny nose that wouldn't go away, and it turned out to be a sinus infection. x.x So I'm on antibiotics, AGAIN. Fortunately after this shit is gone I should be completely back to normal healthwise. Boy, won't that be a relief. It's also good that GT pays for all these medicines I have to keep taking... w00t for taking advantage of student health fees!

Other than that, things are decently normal now... I'm going to head up on Wednesday AM to visit my parents for Thanksgiving and maybe (hopefully) come back down on Saturday afternoon to attend a party that my friend is having that night. Should be nice, as I will get to see vindicated497 for the first time in months. :)

Hmm hmmm hmmmmmmmm... I can't wait for this accursed semester to be over. Preferably without failing anything so I can go back to co-opping. I so miss working... putting in my 8 hours at the computer and then coming home and doing nothing/whatever. It will be bliss again. *glee* XD

Anyway, if I don't write again before/during the break, I hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving break... Have safe trips. Woof with you soon...

Tracks and a howl,

--IC Wolf

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

3:28AM - Am I a bad person?

I just reported some guy that was standing around huddling in the parking lot outside our dorm as a suspicious person... He was just huddling in between the cars and holding his arms. Didn't seem like he was doing anything too bad, but I dunno... He might have been figuring out how to break into the cars or something. >.>; Anyway, like 5 cop cars showed up to respond, and they all like shined lights in his face and patted him down and then put him in one of the cars, so I feel kinda bad for the guy. v.v On the other hand, I probably just made the night for the GT Police. ;) So I guess it's an odd situation. Oh well, if the guy was cold I just put him in a heated car now. ^^;

In other news, today was boring apart from getting the good grade back on my DSP quiz... turned in my Diff Eq homework and picked up my new glasses, which are thinner (in height) and a slightly stronger prescription. I can make out bricks on buildings in the distance now. ;) Also, the optometrist said my vision is starting to stabilize, which is good news, especially for the prospect of me getting Lasik at some point. ^^ *wags* Anyway, I'm tired now from spending 6 hours on my DSP homework, so I'm heading off to bed. Woof with you all later...

W00t, D&D tomorrow, finally! XD

Tracks and a howl,

--IC Wolf

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Monday, October 24, 2005

2:19PM - !!!

96 ON MY DSP QUIZ!!!! SUCK THAT, ECE 2025!! XD *dances*

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3:13AM - Oh, imagine that...

So I was considering all the things that I could think upon exiting my DSP quiz on Friday and the best I could think of was "OH MY GOD, IT'S OVER!!!! XD" So yes, I am very happy that the quiz is over, and that it was actually pretty easy. :) I'm actually sort of looking foreward to getting it back soon... Something not common. :P

So this weekend my friend hux was in town, and we went to eat at Capital Grille with some friends on Friday... Holy CRAP was it good. ^^ I had one of the best steaks I've ever had in my life, and some ungodly cheesecake. While we were there, we got to watch a thunderstorm roll in, and some fireworks for the opening of Atlantic Station went off in the distance. It was a wonderful night, for certain. :)

The next day, I ended up spending most of the day with Phi Kappa Theta... I had an interview, and then we all left to go quasi-camping (read: cookout and a campfire) at Chris' house near Ft. Oglethorpe. I actually knew the area since my grandmother used to live over there. Small world. ;) After the campout was over, we stopped by a nearby Steak 'n Shake and got fuel for the 1.5 hour drve home at 2 a.m. ;) Needless to say, I slept pretty late this morning.

Today was mostly hanging out with hux, gmfaux and some other friends of theirs, and hanging out more at PKT for an AM meeting. A week from today is the deadline for our interviews, so I'm down to the wire now. Fortunately I have very few left, so I'm on track. :)

Diff Eq homework tonight took for-FREAKING-ever (11 problems took 4 hours x.x) so I'm pretty pooped. I'm hoping something really interesting will happen this week so I'll actually have something interesting to write about. Or maybe I should write during the day when I'm more alert and creative.... nah. ;) *wags*

Anyway, hope everyone had a good weekend... Woof with you soon.

Tracks and a howl,

--IC Wolf

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