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So the summer winds down...

And I'm still about the same. ;) Not any big difference here... But I thought I'd post since I just finished up my first co-op work term. I really enjoyed it (especially getting paid) and I ended up learning a lot, especially about JSP and Java Enterprise Edition. I'm looking forward to going back in January for the spring term.

I'm also moved into my new dorm... I'm back in traditional housing for the fall and spring. The apartment-style housing was awesome though... I can't wait until I can get a bunch of friends together in an apartment. That'll kick so much ass. ;) The new dorm is cold, probably because all of the air conditioners are on full-blast in the unoccupied rooms right now, but I hope that will pass. It's also better than it being too hot, which I would severely dislike. My parents are also pretty much moved in in the mountains now, and I'm going up on Monday and Tuesday to help my dad move his office stuff up into the trailer. That will be a big step toward getting them completely settled in.

I'm also getting ready for my RTA (Residential Technical Assistant) job, where I'll be fixing up people's computers to get them on the residential network. I have training on Wednesday and the job starts on Thursday. Luckily I'll have the evenings off to do whatever I want to do. Plus I'll be getting paid. ;) Always nice.

It'll be nice to get back to class, but I do sort of feel like this summer went by really fast... But I guess this is only going to be a more and more familiar feeling as I get older. I think I learned a lot and had an enjoyable summer though, so I'm happy. :) I'm looking forward to upgrading my computer as well... something that hasn't been done for about 5 years.

Anyway, that's about all I have for now... Hope everyone is well. Woof with you soon; most likely detailing my computer upgrade. ;)

Tracks and a howl,

--IC Wolf
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