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So it was 2:30-ish... I'm walking back from the fraternity house and some guy is peeing in the bushes right next to my dorm. I thought that was especially odd, since I walked right by him and two guys were in a truck within viewing distance of him. Huh... people can be weird.

Anyway, I've gotten a bunch of work done this week in preparation for my extremely busy weekend and horrible Monday coming up. I put all of my upcoming dates and stuff into iCal so I will have a harder time forgetting them. I also got my Psychology reading report done, so I don't have to do it over the weekend. In addition to having the reading report due Monday, I'm also going to be having a Differential Equations exam and a DSP quiz (read: test). Ouch. So I'm not looking forward to it at all. And I'm also going to be doing lots of studying tomorrow, Friday and Sunday. Hopefully the AM test won't be hard on Sunday so I can just study for the exams. Anyway, I'm off to bed... I was over at the house getting interviews (which I will also not be able to do this weekend) until about an hour ago, so I'm exhausted now. Anyway, woof with you soon, and I wish everyone the best in the near future.

Tracks and a howl,

-- IC Wolf
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