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KVM switches are definitely the coolest thing on planet earth. Never mind that I'm putting off studying for an exam to set it up... Now I can switch, with the touch of a button, between using my desktop PC and using my PowerBook, all with the same Logitech Elite Keyboard (awesome) and Apple Mighty Mouse (more awesome). This officially rocks the hardcore. Thank you, Belkin, for your awesomeness.

In other news, I also bought a power supply to set up my old computer and make it useful again... After which I will most likely loan it to nelyab39 since he doesn't have his PowerBook yet. Afterwards, once I get a TV, I'll wipe it and use it as a DivX/MythTV box. Ahh, the wonders of having an All-in-Wonder card... :)

Anyway, life's been going pretty well... Aside from getting pwned on the first DSP quiz, I'm doing pretty well in school. Just busy pretty much non-stop, since I have homework due 3 days out of a school week. I'm very much looking forward to fall break though, and being able to go visit my parents and the mountains for a little while.

In bitching news, GT parking gave me a ticket on Friday during the day when I had to drive all over hell's half-acre and even TALK to a parking person (in one of the little trucks) to find somewhere to park for the football game on Thursday. Those of you who know me know on how many levels this irritates me. 'Nuff said.

Anyway, I'd best be getting some rest if I want to get up and get stuff done tomorrow... G'nite all, and woof with you soon. :)
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