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Oh, imagine that...

So I was considering all the things that I could think upon exiting my DSP quiz on Friday and the best I could think of was "OH MY GOD, IT'S OVER!!!! XD" So yes, I am very happy that the quiz is over, and that it was actually pretty easy. :) I'm actually sort of looking foreward to getting it back soon... Something not common. :P

So this weekend my friend hux was in town, and we went to eat at Capital Grille with some friends on Friday... Holy CRAP was it good. ^^ I had one of the best steaks I've ever had in my life, and some ungodly cheesecake. While we were there, we got to watch a thunderstorm roll in, and some fireworks for the opening of Atlantic Station went off in the distance. It was a wonderful night, for certain. :)

The next day, I ended up spending most of the day with Phi Kappa Theta... I had an interview, and then we all left to go quasi-camping (read: cookout and a campfire) at Chris' house near Ft. Oglethorpe. I actually knew the area since my grandmother used to live over there. Small world. ;) After the campout was over, we stopped by a nearby Steak 'n Shake and got fuel for the 1.5 hour drve home at 2 a.m. ;) Needless to say, I slept pretty late this morning.

Today was mostly hanging out with hux, gmfaux and some other friends of theirs, and hanging out more at PKT for an AM meeting. A week from today is the deadline for our interviews, so I'm down to the wire now. Fortunately I have very few left, so I'm on track. :)

Diff Eq homework tonight took for-FREAKING-ever (11 problems took 4 hours x.x) so I'm pretty pooped. I'm hoping something really interesting will happen this week so I'll actually have something interesting to write about. Or maybe I should write during the day when I'm more alert and creative.... nah. ;) *wags*

Anyway, hope everyone had a good weekend... Woof with you soon.

Tracks and a howl,

--IC Wolf
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