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Ummmm... so... what's new? Well I just spent the entire evening playing Civilization IV instead of studying for my Physics exam Wednesday, which is what I should be doing... >.>; Ehehe...

So uhhh, I got an A in my only class last semester, Physics I, so I'm happy about that... I also think I did pretty well at work. My A/C compressor also flunked out in my Camry, so since this was going to be the third repair that cost more than half of what the car was worth, I bid it a fond farewell, sold it to my fraternity brother, and got a Storm Silver 2007 Honda Fit! It's the shit... zippy, pretty sweet looking, small yet roomy, and gets 33 city, 38 highway. A big improvement over the V6 Camry, which got 20 city, 24 highway. x.x So I'm psyched about that. I'm actually going up home for the afternoon on Wednesday to pick up the tag for it. Whee! Yay cheap entry-model cars. :P

This semester is going ok so far, I've got Physics II (E-mag), Social Psychology, and Digital Design Lab (simple circuit assembly, whee!). They're all pretty manageable, and I'm really glad I have a 9-hour summer instead of a 12-hour one like the "minimum" says... that would have just killed me.

Sadly, I'm not going to make it to AC this year, because... I'll be in Boston this weekend! I'm going up with hux to visit his parents and see the city, since some other plans were cancelled. This'll be my first time above the Mason-Dixon line (assuming AC '05 doesn't count), so wish me luck venturing into the land of the yankees... *gulp*

I also changed my user icon, my old one was getting kinda tired. :P This one isn't too much newer, but I like seeing it more. :)

I've enjoyed the not-too-busy summer so far... I've gotten to hang out with a bunch of my friends that I don't normally get to see. Also had a lot more free time for reading, playing games, and... speak of the devil, checking LJ. :P Well I'm starting now, anyway... I haven't really been doing it that much.

Aaaaaaanyway, hopefully I'll have some cool pictures of Boston to post when I return next week! Hope everyone who's going to AC has tons of fun. I'll woof with y'all soon!

Tracks and a howl,

--IC Wolf
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