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Another GT Mindfuck Session Over! :D

Yay, all B's in my classes! I think the stress from finals is finally starting to wear off... Only for me to start up again on Monday. T-T *cries* At least I'll only have one class this time: CS 2200. I'll also be working full-time again... And with the class at 12 noon, I have an interesting problem. I'm pretty sure I'm just going to drive in the morning on MWF, leave for class, have lunch, then ride MARTA back to work so I don't have to sit in traffic during rush hour. Still, it would be less of a pain in the ass if the class were in the morning or afternoon. Le sigh.

I've had a nice restful week so far... Been up at home. Not much going on, and I'm enjoying sleeping in late. Going to head down on Friday afternoon so I can play D&D on Friday and celebrate Patches' birthday on Saturday with some other friends. It will be t3h funsauce. Then it's back up for Mothers' Day on Sunday and then back down that evening so I can go to work in the morning. Happy fun!

Anyway, other than that, not much going on with me... Just looking forward to that first big full-time paycheck with my new raise next month... *drools* Yay for paying off debts! Also, if the federal government is spying on my journal: SEND ME MY TAX RETURN, YOU BASTARDS! Also, while we're ragging on large non-specific entities... Apple: stop making line-out ports on the MacBook Pro that break and think that there is an optical cable inserted and therefore disables the speakers!

Yay for funsauce. I like that word. I think I will use it more. ^^

Tracks and a howl,

--IC Wolf
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