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Errrrr... Ehem!

So... I graduated. ^^

BS in Computer Science, Highest Honor (summa cum laude). Managed to get a 4.0 in my last semester, which pushed me over the threshold. Woooo! ^^ Got a job lined up (have for a while) and I'm starting a week from Monday. I'm really excited, and really hoping it's going to be a great job. All signs are pointing to that being the case.

Hux also proposed to me, and I said yes. :) So I'm really excited that that happened. I now have a tungsten band with a silver inlay to show for it. ^^ We were hiking at Cloudland Canyon State Park, eating lunch by a waterfall, when he popped the question. Quite the ideal setting for us! We're not doing anything about it for a while, seeing as we haven't even lived together yet. But I'm sure I'll post once any plans formalize.

In other news... I've been on vacation since the beginning of May, and Hux and I went on a cruise in early May. We boarded at Ft. Lauderdale, and stopped in Key West and Belize City, Belize. In Key West we just took a tour and walked around while we were in port, but in Belize we went on a shore excursion to see some Mayan ruins. :) They were really cool, and I took lots of pictures. I hope to have them up on Flickr or something to share soon. There were also 2 days at sea, during which I managed to toast certain parts of my chest to a crisp through uneven application of sunblock. Oops! It itched like a bitch for a few days, but it's finally healed up and is just a nice tan blotch now. Oh well... could be worse!

We also went down to Savannah with my friend Wes to chill out and have a sightseeing weekend. We walked all along River Street and through a good portion of Savannah's Historic District. The hotel we stayed at was pretty nice and we made excellent use of the pool. :) We tried to go to Tybee Island on Sunday, but there was a horrible wreck on the main highway going to the island, so we just ended up heading home a little early. Maybe next time!

Today I got an iPhone 3G S, and I am absolutely loving it. After using the iPhone 2G ("Classic" as I call it) for over a year, I can definitely appreciate how much faster it is at... Well, everything! Launching apps, browsing with Safari, taking pictures, even syncing (which I DEFINITELY like a lot... the iPhone 2G took FOREVER to backup/sync). It's also a lot louder... the old iPhone lost some volume over time and I can definitely hear it with the new one. So I'm looking forward to enjoying that for what will probably be at least a year. ;)

In other geek news, I also upgraded the hard drive in my MacBook Pro from a 120 GB 5400 RPM drive to a 500 GB 7200 RPM Seagate Momentus drive. There is definitely a noticeable speedup in boot time as well as launching apps and Spotlight searches. Ended up being a very nice and relatively cheap upgrade... $129 for the drive (free shipping) plus $50 to have a local repair shop install it (Apple Authorized Repair Center, since I don't want to void my AppleCare). I would highly recommend it for anyone with an older model laptop with a 5400 RPM SATA drive.

That's about all that's up with me... I'm sure I'll be posting soon with news about my new job. For those that aren't aware, I usually update my Twitter account a lot more than LJ nowadays. You can follow "icwolf" to see my random blatherings throughout the day. :) I'll try to update LJ more, but it just seems like a chore compared to Twitter... Hehe, I'm so damn lazy. XP

Tracks and a howl,

-- IC
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