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IC Wolf's Mind-Wanderings and Events

Monday, February 21, 2005

7:58PM - W00t! 50-50! XD

Yeah, I know it's been a while, but I don't have much to say lately... I'll prolly update soon. :) Anyway, I just wanted to post this because I'm particularly proud of it. ;P Just finished Calc III computer project.... really tired. Later all :)

Your Brain is 53.33% Female, 46.67% Male

Your brain is a healthy mix of male and female

You are both sensitive and savvy

Rational and reasonable, you tend to keep level headed

But you also tend to wear your heart on your sleeve

What Gender Is Your Brain?

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Thursday, January 13, 2005

12:25PM - Spackle.

Whee! Happy New Year everyone! ;P I know it's a bit late, but I don't really have too much free time to woof on LiveJournal anymore... Or rather, I don't have much to say on it. Anyway, here's a rundown of what happened lately.

I got a speeding ticket over the winter break... It's $145, so I have to pay that soon. Woohoo. -_- But in better news, I met a new furry friend, zorrofox, and his mate who live on campus. His mate is just 3 doors down from me, so we all are hanging out a bunch now. ^_^ It is t3h cool. Zorro and my friend Longshot came over for New Year's, and we had a grand old time, despite some argument earlier int he day with my parents. Kyle managed to get enough loans from the school to pay for his housing this semester, which is also awesome. *wags* Once I got here, I had to straighten my schedule out, which ended up taking 4 days... I just got it completely fixed yesterday, which involved going to three different people and getting three different course overloads. -_-; It did sucketh verily, but now I have a kick-ass schedule where all my classes are back to back with a one-hour lunch break. ^_^ So I'm happy.

Otherwise, things have been just peachy... Hanging out with friends, getting to know the people in my new dorm, and having a grand old time. I'm on my way to play racquetball with some friends now, so I'll woof with everyone later. Peace!

Tracks and a howl,

--IC Wolf

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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

12:39AM - Frustration.

Great. Once again I use LiveJournal to vent. Story of my life.

So here's the deal. Being bisexual/gay sucks in many ways. If you want to make your life much, much, MUCH easier, just be straight. Of course, this probably isn't really even worth saying, because if you're bi or gay it's not your decision anyway. However... I have found the most extreme case of its suckage in my life so far.

Explanatory story you probably won't want to read unless you enjoy hearing me complainCollapse )

So sorry for playing the role of the typical teenager, but I'm feeling sad, depressed and angsty right now... Funny how I feel like trying to draw right now. How nice it will be when I don't have to worry about my parents peering over my shoulder and questioning all my judgment anymore. Anyway, I guess I'll go read or something to get my mind off of this. Woof with you later.

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Monday, December 6, 2004


Yes, this is entry # 3 in a row; so sue me. I haven't been posting much anyway, so cut me some slack.

God, why does 2:15 in the morning suck so much? I feel like I want to explode and stay in little pieces for a very long time, and I don't know why... o.o;; *sighhhhh* Maybe I'm just insanely tired from not sleeping like, at all last night. I wish I had had a real bed at Tiger's. :\ Oh well, I had a nice blanket I brought and a wolf and a wolfox to get close to for warmth. ;)

*reads what he just wrote* Wow, sleep deprivation will do things to ya. I feel a little more calm now... In fact, exhausted. At least BT sounds really good right now. Especially this song... *checks iPod* "The Road to Lostwithiel." Mmm... good techno awesomeness. Well perhaps I should get to sleep so I can get up at a semi-reasonable hour and get a good amount of studying done tomorrow. I suck at this whole "getting to bed early" thing, except when I'm sick. And it's freezing in here! o.o *seeks bed, tail between his legs* Anyway, woof with you all later. Pleasant dreams to you.

Tracks and a howl,

-- ICWolf

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Meh, I usually don't do this kind of stuff, but it'll be interesting to see who responds and what with, if they do. Also it was recommended by a friend, so... Here you go. Feel free to abstain if you want, I won't be hurt. ;)

A) First, recommend to me:
1. a movie:
2. a book:
3. a musical artist, song, or album:

B) I want everyone who reads this to ask me three questions, no more, no less. Ask me anything you want.

C) (optional) Then I want you to go to your journal, copy and paste this allowing your friends to ask you anything.

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1:04AM - Drumroll.

So here we are: finals week. Hoo boy. Final English paper due Tuesday, then Chem exam Thursday and Calc and CS exams Friday. Then this semester is done. I can hardly believe it... where has the time gone? I've been so busy that the months have just flown by... I can't believe it. So these next three days are going to be a blur of studying I'm sure, and then the big two... I hope I do well enough on my finals and my paper to get at least two A's. B's in my other two classes would also be nice... I'll keep directing my positive energy toward them.

Well this was a terrific weekend... Friday started off with grey159's birthday party, which was lots of fun, especially since I haven't seen him in a while. I took dmashura up there too, and we had a grand old time watching Gravitation and Margaret Cho. ;) Saturday was a mite of relaxing and studying and then off to furry movie night at Tiger Paw's house, although we were not graced with his presence. We had a terrific time, but somehow it's just not the same without Tiger... I hope (as many of us Atlanta furs do) that he gets back soon. I got to know many of the furs there better, which I love doing ^^ *wags* and we watched Hot Shots! Part Deux (which was hilarious) and Idle Hands (which was also funny but extremely creepy >.<). A 1 a.m. run to Steak and Shake, the highlight of the evening due to my persistent starvation, was enjoyed by all, despite a credit card mishap that happened near the end of the checkout process.

Sunday was a jumble of attempting to sleep, attempting to wake up, and studying mixed with chatting on the 'net. Now I'm extremely tired and going to head to sleep soon... I finally found a fan to generate some white noise and help me get to sleep in my room here at home, where I hope to get some sleep uninterrupted by my 3 roommates at Tech.

I'm moving one dorm over for those of you who don't know yet. Quads (read: three roommates >_<) suck for obvious reasons, and I want to attempt to stay friends with my current roommate, so I think this is the best thing to do. Anyway, I've chatted with my roomate for next semester a couple of times now... He seems like a friendly, cool guy who will be fine with all my little weirdnesses. *crosses paw-digits* At least I hope so... I'm directing my positive energy toward that, too.

Well, here goes nothing... Time to ace these finals! :D Wish me luck. Woof with you all later, and good luck on your respective finals if you're taking them soon.

Tracks and a howl,


"Hold on, hold on..."
"Hold on, hold on..."

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Thursday, December 2, 2004

12:19AM - Erroneous.

My stomach hurts. -_-

Yay for dead week... Yep, the week before final exams where supposedly your professors "slack up" on the workload so you can study for finals... So far this has been true, and I feel a little less stressed. I got almost no sleep last night though. Completely my fault, but I still had to take a three hour nap this afternoon and I still feel exhausted now. I finished my English final research essay, and with a bit of editing and a Works Cited page it will be ready to turn in. Yay for no final exam in that class and no more English ever again due to my taking AP Lit! ^_^ Now I just have to study for my Chem and Calc II finals... >_< CS should be a piece of cake, so I'm not worried about that.

I'm in my friend Kim's dorm right now, she's talking to her boyfriend and I'm updating my journal because I don't feel like studying, which was the real purpose of this visit. ;P It's been a good day today overall (minus the no-sleep bit) and I'm feeling rather good. I think getting a lot of sleep tonight and tackling the studying I need to get done will be beneficial to my life endeavors.

I've been wondering today... Why do humans need to sleep? It's such a stupid activity, lying dormant with no motion and sometimes making a racket to annoy those around you. And when you don't get any, you're usually worthless and in a really crappy mood. So why do we require sleep? Why can't our bodies just do whatever they do when we're sleeping while we're still awake? How come after years and years of evolution the human body hasn't figured out how to get rid of sleep yet? I can't figure it out. I'm sure there's some biological reason for it, but it surely escapes me as of now.

In more pointless news, I have a Nintendo DS on reserve after playing animeunrivaled's and getting hooked immediately. Those things are so damn cool. ^_^ So it was supposed to get here yesterday, but I still haven't heard anything about it. So hopefully EB Games will get a shipment in soon and I'll be able to play the copy of Super Mario 64 DS that I already bought. ;) Also, my mom hasn't gotten her awesome new car in yet... She's still up in Kentucky waiting for it to get in to the dealership. >_>;; Which kinda sucks, I hope she gets to come home soon. But at least she gets to visit with my grandpa, and I'm sure he appreciates that. I'm also sure she's glad we brought her full iMac up there now, because the laptop we have (the one older than mine) sucks really badly. ;)

That's about all I can think of to talk about right now... Hope everyone is getting more sleep than I have been. ;) Good night and woof with you later.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

11:52AM - Infinity.

Yes, it's been a while. And I need to get to a class soon, so I'll keep this short.

School, school and school for me lately... I've been really wrapped up in studying for quizzes, exams and whatnot. It's really starting to get old, but at least the semeseter is winding down. We just had our last Chem lab last night (woohoo!!! XD) so I'm really happy about that being over. Now I just need to get prepared for the lab practicum the week after Thanksgiving. I also got a 100 on my second Calc midterm (yeah, wouldja believe it?! :P) so that's saved my grade in that class. So yeah, school's going pretty well. Enough about that.

This past weekend I went up with nelyab39, Senzee and Kyle to the mountains. We had a grand old time... we watched a movie, ate fattening food, played Apples to Apples, went on a hike in the woods, and messed around in town. It was mucho fun, and I wish we didn't have to leave so soon... *sigh* But that's the sucky part about weekends... they're inherently short. -_- I got some insanely tasty apples at the local orchard up there, so at least I have a little memento for a while.

In other news, I've actually started playing a video game again. *gasp* Yes, that's right folks, The Sims 2 has claimed a small part of this wolf's life, sadly enough. ;P I made a "family" that looks like me and my significant other... It's really funny. ^_^ Two of my friends have become obsessed with the World of Warcraft open beta, too... At least I can be assured that it won't consume their lives, since it's only lasting for one more week. ;) Other than that, I've just been hanging out with people when I don't have to study and trying to take maximum advantage of my college freedom. W00t for college. :P

I'd better be off; Calc recitation beckons. Woof with you later!

Tracks and a howl,

-- ICWolf

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Tuesday, November 2, 2004

11:57AM - Hal-loh-ween

Had a ton of fun this weekend! :) Thursday I had a Calc II midterm (all linear algebra) which was actually really easy... I got to go back and check over my answer and I even caught a few mistakes. ^_^ So I have high expectations for my grade, which I will get back today. Friday I went and voted (guess whom for ;P) and went to have dinner with nelyab39 and vindicated497... but Saturday was the coolest, cuz I went to nelyab39's Halloween/birthday party. I got him an iTunes gift certificate, a t-shirt that says "Hang out with your wang out," and a complimentary lighter that says "Rock out with your cock out." XD It was great seeing his reaction, cuz he laughed really hard. ^^ We spent the night eating pizza, cake and candy and watching scary movies. There was a costume contest, but since I didn't want to spend much money on my costume (I just recycled an old black robe and got the stoner ghost mask from Scary Movie 2) I didn't have much of a chance. Those with more impressive costumes won, and I was glad. ;) Sunday I went to Unity with my parents and saw my friends in my youth group, and then came back down and worked on my Chem lab report for five hours. Then I went out and messed around with a friend of mine. There were a lot of cops around, naturally (being Halloween and all) and... well, let's just say one of them approached us and told us to go home. -_-;; It wasn't very fun, but at least he didn't take us in or anything.

Now, about this election thing... like niennas_tears, I'm getting rather freaked out about it because I can't imagine where our country would go with another 4 years of Bush. Quite frankly, I think if he IS president any longer, something terrible is bound to happen. So I'm hoping and praying that there's at least a modicum of intelligence in the people of this country and that Kerry gets enough votes. Needless to say I'll be glued to the TV tonight as the results come in. Man, I'm sooooo glad I went and voted on Friday... I don't want to be caught out in the mayhem at the polls that will surely ensue today.

(Interlude: HOLY CRAP, I am so lucky... I just remembered to take my Chem pre-lab for this week, 6 minutes before it closed on WebCT... *_* I'm really happy too, because it was insanely easy and was like a free 100. ;P)

Crap, gotta get to my Calc recitation... Talk to ya later. Wish me luck on my exam grade. GO KERRY!! And if you haven't voted, do so. Unless you're planning to vote for Bush, of course... then feel free to stay home. ^_^

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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

9:56PM - Masticulation.

Look that one up, eh? ;P

Life has been pretty good for yours truly lately... I just got a 92 on my CS exam I took last Friday, so I'm feeling quite happy. ^_^ I'm sad to report I'm already getting tired of college though... The "going to class" part, anyway. ;P I'm having fun making new friends and living on my own... But I still like going home every so often to get some home cookin'.

We had a good fall break weekend before last... I visited some friends and hung out back home and generally had a good time. :) My car kinda crapped out on me though. While I was over at one of my friend's houses we got in to go somewhere and I couldn't get the shifter out of park. -_- We ended up using the shift-lock override to let me shift into drive, with the intent of finding out what the problem was later. Evidently, as we figured out the next day, my tail light switch had failed... Which means I was driving around that whole evening without any tail lights. o.o;; So yeah, that was bad. Luckily it's fixed now though, and my car is safely back down nested in it's spot in good 'ol lot E46. ^^

This past weekend was pretty fun, too... I went to Six Flags with Kyle, vindicated497 and Kim, and we had a great time. :) The lines were really short and we got to ride most of the ones we wanted to... Of course, Deja Vu was broken, so we didn't get to ride it. Typical Six Flags. :P Then I hung out with my friend who's a grad student on Saturday night and watched Saved!. Really funny movie. ^_^ Sunday I spent with Nephashu and Kyle... we went to Art Institute of Atlanta and checked it out... It's a very nice school. I wouldn't mind going there someday, when I can afford the astronomical tuition. :P

This week has been pretty uneventful... Kinda like most weeks. Got a huge Calc exam to study for that I will be taking Thursday. I really gotta work at it because I'm not exactly doing stellarly in that class. I understand just about everything though, so I should be fine. *crosses paw-digits*

Wish I had some more interesting stuff to woof about, but things are just pretty boring right now. :P Hopefully after Halloween I'll have some cool stories to tell. I'll say goodbye for now... woof with you later!

Tracks and a howl,

-- ICWolf

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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

8:13PM - What if I'm nobody?

Have you ever had that feeling where, for a few hours of your life, you feel like nobody gives a fuck about you? I know this is not true, but I can't help feeling that way right now. I have no clue why I do... I had a pretty good day. Took a Chem exam, I think I did pretty well, went to some other rather boring classes... But today it just seems like nobody cares. I haven't been depressed in a while, so I guess I'm due for a little bit of it now. What a great way to punctuate my now-rather-sparse LiveJournal, eh?

I love how my life is a constant stream of schoolwork now... It's like no matter what day it is, I always have something due the next day. So I can't do jack shit without giving up valuable time that I need to spend getting my work done so I don't flunk out of this school. It's also just wonderful how everyone else can skip classes and all kinds of crap and still be doing fine, but I go to all my classes and stuff and still get raped up the ass in Calculus II. It's just such a comfort to know that the one class I hate the most and spend the most time on could be the one that gets me flunked out of here and taken away from everything that makes me happy.

*sighs* It was probably this horrible 3-hour movie I just watched for my English class that got me into this crappy mood. That and it's finally getting cold. (Whoopee. Now I get to bundle up every day when I go to class. -_- That and I get to wash twice as many shirts.) I don't know... I guess tonight is just one of those "alone" nights. I guess when I'm done eating here in the dining hall I'll just go back to my room and study some more math so I can do half-decent on my Calculus quiz tomorrow. At least my roommate won't be there because he's out having fun with his boyfriend and I'll get some quiet. Oh, wait. I have two other roommates... silly me. Maybe I'll get lucky and they won't be blasting rap music or yelling on the phone. Then I can crawl into bed where I'll finally be warm and get a decent amount of sleep tonight. Also assuming that my roommate doesn't come back and turn on his insanely loud computer at 3 a.m. I guess I'll just cross my fingers or something.

Sorry for ranting like this, but I don't really have a whole lot of outlets for this kind of crap... And I try to get rid of the negative energy I have as soon as I can. Hopefully it will be a rare occurrence that I feel this shitty and you won't have to read this again soon. Thanks for reading, I guess, if you did... Hope you guys are doing better than this wolf. Have a pleasant evening and I'll woof with you later.

Tracks and a tired howl,


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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

1:27AM - Be all that you can be... (In my case, that's just really sick at the moment...)

So yes... AWA was a blast. And I've been busy as hell.

Most of last week was spend studying for a Calc midterm on last Thursday. I hated it and it sucked but I think I did all right on it. Then I started getting sick (which sucked, and still sucks) on Friday, which was a fun day because I got to keep my car on campus to drive up to AWA. Anyway, AWA was terrifically awesome, and by far the best part was the DDR 5th Mix Project, followed by the rave. I had so much fun I didn't want to leave. ;) But it was sweet even though it had to end. I got a CD with a bunch of music from Gravitation and a commissioned con badge with a full color illustration of my fursona while I was there too! XD It's so awesome; I have it hanging on my bed in my dorm room now. I'll post pics of how the badge and me and my friends looked later.

Right now I'm sick as a dog, so I'm not really keen on writing much. Just trying to get an English paper done by this Friday and get some rest to get over this cold. I'll say my goodbyes now, and woof with you more later when I feel good again. :)

Tracks and a howl,

-- ICWolf

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Sunday, September 19, 2004

10:18AM - Hallo from my first movie night :D

Hey all, from my first furry movie night! ^_^ Or the morning after, rather. It's been a blast, and I'm really glad I came. We watched Resident Evil: Apocalypse, episode 25 of Wolf's Rain, 3 eps. of Father of the Pride, and tons of Futurama and Sealab 2021. ;) Everyone here is so much fun and I'm really fortunate to have met them all.

I'm writing this from Tiger Paw's laptop over a wireless connection... I woke up a lot earlier than most of the people because I have a hard time sleeping when there are a lot of people around. It still wasn't all that early, but I'm not all that surprised that everyone slept in late. ;) Everyone's waking up now though... We're talking about a pilgrimage to IHOP right now, which sounds insanely good considering how hungry I am. Anyway, I'll woof with you all later, just thought I'd give a quick update. :)

Tracks and a howl,


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Thursday, September 16, 2004

3:12AM - Well, it finally happened...

After much deliberation with myself on the subject, I finally came out to my parents over the weekend.

In case any of you don't know, I'm bisexual. Might as well let everyone know if my parents are gonna know... Even though it was pretty much the other way around. ;) Anyway, they seemed to handle the news rather well... Better than I expected actually. I was really glad that they were supportive and loving... It seemed like the thing they were worried about the most is that it may prove to be a harder life for me... and that may be. But I feel the way I feel, and now I'm going to have to deal with it. This is step one toward bigger things. :)

In other news, I studied a crapload for my Chem exam this week and it turned out to really not be very hard... I think I did fine on it. I've also started my English paper. I decided to focus it around O Pioneers! by Willa Cather. I really wanted to pull wolves into my report, which is why I'm looking at another book that may be a little less apropos but is about animals in the west. I decided to write a thesis and get some preliminary info on O Pioneers! just in case, but I'm gonna ask my professor about the possibility of using the other book when I meet with her tomorrow.

Hmm... Other than that, not a whole lot has been going on. Just stuff for school... stuff most of you prolly don't want to hear about. ;) This weekend will be a nice break from this hectic week. After my CS exam on Friday I plan on a massive DDR binge ;) and then probably some work on my reserach paper since I'll be gone all Saturday night at Movie Night with some local furs. Then it's back to school for more studying and other such things.

I've found the library is a great quiet (and air-conditioned! XD) place to study. It came in handy for my Chem exam and researching. That place is a LOT bigger than I previously thought... *_* There's like a million study cubicles. I'll have to take advantage of it in the future.

Well I'm bushed and going to sleep... Moderately long day tomorrow. Woof with you later :)

Tracks and a howl,


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Wednesday, September 8, 2004

2:53PM - Who's learning to draw? I am!

I'm starting to learn how to draw... it's true! :D I've been sketching random stuff in my classes when I'm bored and I've found out I'm not quite as sucky as I thought I was. So I've decided I'm going to start working on improving... I brought my old (old old old old old) sketchbook down from my house and I'm going to start sketching off of reference pictures. Mostly of wolves, if you didn't already guess. ;) So I'm psyched about that.

I had a good Labor Day weekend... Friday night was really cool because vindicated497 and another friend of mine went to Six Flags and the lines were insanely short because the only people allowed to be ther were people from my college. :D So I finally got to ride all the new rides I've been trying to ride forever but haven't been able to because of insanely long lines. (Random note: I'm writing this in CS class. We're going over stuff that I already know and it's incredibly boring. To top it off, someone nearby has horrible BO and I really want to leave.) Saturday night I went to a Halo party that mikegp3 had, and had fun with a bunch of my friends. Then Sunday and Monday were pretty much devoted to schoolwork... -_- But it was okay because I got a lot of stuff done.

Yesterday I went and had breakfast with my mom... I think she was really happy to do that because it seems like she misses me a lot when she writes me e-mails and such. I'm going up to visit with them this weekend, so that should give my parents a "fix" for a bit. ;)

On a separate note, if I ever talked crap about sour cream, I take it back. I just had some with a quesadilla at Moe's and it was the shizzle. :P Also, I'm going to have to write an article or theory or something someday about how everything tastes better with black olives. Because everything does. I need to get a bunch of cans of them next time I go to the grocery so I can just start putting them on everything. They have them in the dining hall too, so I can experiment there until then. *rubs paws* Mwa ha ha... XD~

Now that I'm done scaring everyone, I'll just say that I'm really glad my English presentation went well today (she said our PowerPoint file was great :D) and I'd probably better get back to paying attention to this CS lecture. ;P Woof with you all later, and have a good day!

Tracks and a howl,


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Friday, September 3, 2004

2:46PM - Life, the universe, and everything.

As I sit here in my English class, about to hear a presentation to help me do a paper that I really don't think I'm going to want to do, I reflect on the first thought I had when I woke up this morning. It's rather odd, because I didn't really have the cliché thought that you might think. I wasn't wondering "Where has all the time gone?"... I'm really quite satisfied with the way my life has gone so far. I was wondering "Where is all this time going?" -_- I'm really glad I'm settled into college now... I've been having a great time so far, but I'm just wondering if five years of this will be tolerable or not. The co-op program should help with that (I'll be able to alternate between a semester of work in my field and a semester at school) but I'm just hoping my life will have some sort of... meaning in the next half a decade besides being the stereotypical college kid.

I apologize for not writing here for a while... I've been busy moving in and just starting out my college life. I have a lot of work to do, a little more than I anticipated, and I've been adjusting from having a high school teacher say "do this and bring it in on this date" to having a college professor say "go to the website for all your assignments. In the meantime, here's a glut of information you'll probably need to know..." It's a bit of a shock, but I think I'm finally getting used to it. The biggest thing is getting used to going online to check when things are due, and turning about half of my assignments in online... It's quite different from anything I've ever done.

In the furry realm, there's some relatively big news... There's a wolfox down the hall from me in the dorm, and we've already become good friends. :) We converted one of our friends that we met to being a lioness, too... and I think she's starting to like it. ;) We've already gone to hang out with some local furs who live a little to the south of us, and we had a great time. We're looking forward to going to our first "movie night," when a whole bunch of local furs will be there. It should be rather interesting. ^_^ Also, I was extrememly happy to learn that my friend shadowdwolf is back online now. I and several other people have missed him very much and are delighted that he's back. :D *licks Shadow*

I'm doing well in my classes so far... I just hope I can keep up once we start learning new material that I don't know from before. I'll probably have to start devoting a little more time than I have been in the near future. But so far, all is good. :) Also, for those of you whom I haven't told yet, my ultrasound turned out fine. :) Nothing weird at all, and they say it should go away in a little while. So I was happy about that, as you might expect.

I think that's about all for now... I hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend. I'm going to Six Flags this evening as part of a school special event, so I know mine will start off with a bang. ^_^ Woof with you later!

Tracks and a howl,


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Monday, August 9, 2004

3:08AM - Epou!

Wahoo, only 3 days left to go. :)

So I went up to the mountains this weekend... Had a relatively good time. I didn't appreciate my peds waking me up early to go... -_- But other than that it was pretty enjoyable. Lots of relaxing and reading were done. I slave-labored doing weed-whacking for my dad but I also went on a long hike with my mom... Probably the last in a little while. We got lots of apples and peaches and brought them back, too.

I can't think of much else to write, other than Doom 3 looks really good even on my old video card. Also insanely scary... They have the AI pumped up to where they'll sneak up behind you and pull maneuvers to avoid your fire and all sorts of other stuff. And they'll leap at you and crawl out of weird places... Eeku! *_* They also have bonuses for exploring and taking time to take a second look at stuff... You can get access to secret stuff if you poke around enough, even early on in the game.

Wish me luck at my ultrasound tomorrow... I hope everything checks out and my gynocomastia will just go away on its own. *crosses fingers* I've never had an ultrasound before... Apparently they don't hurt, but either way I'm not anxious to get it... >_>;; I'll be glad when it's all over tomorrow.

In other news, I need to ship my eBay stuff... I'm a slacker and didn't get it out on Friday. >_<

That's about it for now... I'll post more random stuffs as I think of it. ;) Woof with you later.

Tracks and a howl,


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Thursday, August 5, 2004

10:11PM - Wonderful.

I almost had a head-on collision today.

It wasn't very fun at all... But you probably could have guessed that. So here's the deal... I'm making a left turn out of the office onto this road that's always busy during rush hour (which it just happened to be, lucky me). So I have about a 5-second window to turn out into the left lane of the road. No big deal, usually...

Except that it was pouring rain.

And I don't mean like spring shower kind of rain. I mean "Holy crap, somebody better get started building a fuggin' ark!" kind of rain. So naturally the streets are soaked. Perfect hydroplaning conditions... and of course, I did. As I scooted out making my quick left turn, I skidded a little into the right lane and then overcorrected and went over into the lane going the opposite direction just a little bit. The guy coming at me swerved out of the way... I'm not sure if that's what saved me or whether I would have made it by my re-correction anyway... But nevertheless it was scary. As hell. And I have come to the conclusion that I hate traffic, especially Atlanta traffic, not helped by the fact that it took me about 45 minutes to get home after that (which is way longer than normal). I will definitely not miss having a car while I'm living on campus. (At least not very much.)

Anyway, on to brighter things. Tomorrow is my last day at work... *snuff* ;_; Ok, maybe that's not the brightest thing, but it's kind of a mixture of good and bad. I wrote a letter to my department thanking them for the awesome experience I've had in this job. Hopefully that will mean something to them and make them feel good. :) I said goodbye to some people that I might not see tomorrow (which is a good thing, since some of them will be gone tomorrow). I'm going to go around and bid everyone a fond farewell tomorrow before they leave.

Oh, and I made my first sale on eBay in a long time... A Buy it Now, no less. I sold my phoneline network card, which I will not be needing anymore when I head off to college. :) Some of my mom's antiques that I put up have also sold; the rest have 2 days to go before they're over. So we'll see how that goes.

Not much else otherwise... I watched a movie called Fame, which was about a bunch of kids in the New York School of Performing Arts and was really good. natorgator also gave me Doom 3, so I'll have to test that out when I finally remember to bring the CD's home tomorrow. ;)

I guess that's about all... Hope everyone is well, and woof with you later.

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1:16AM - Extistentialism.

I really have no clue what's up with me lately. Perhaps someone can tell me.

Anyway, some random crap I felt like posting:

--Went to freshman orientation at my college this past weekend and Monday. It r0x0red. I REALLY can't wait to go now... Georgia Tech is like the best school evar. They've got so much cool shit going on, and so much awesome technology, and they're constantly adding things... Oh, and one of my classes is in the brand new management building on Tech Square (even though it's not a management class ^_^). So I'm thoroughly psyched. The 12th can't come quickly enough.
--My last week of work is going quite awesomely... but I still can't believe there's only 2 days left. ;_; What a great job this has been... I'll really miss it.
--I really hate it when people think the abbreviation for Macintosh is "MAC," in all caps. No, no and no. It's "Mac" as in benign and lowercase on the last two letters. Just becuase PC is an acronym with all caps doesn't mean that the Mac's abbreviation is! And it's not an acronym! Get over it and learn how to capitalize!
--It felt good to get that out of my system. I feel rather Foamy-esque right now. ^_^
--Hmm... what else... Oh, yeah. The human race sucks. I keep wondering when we're going to finally do this planet in and then realize what we've done. *sigh*
--Thinking... Ahh yeah. It's kind of odd I think... How things always work out to be just enough or really nice... I wonder why things work like that... Whether fate is involved, or whether we always just choose in our best interest. It's interesting to think about. But in any case, I 'm glad it works that way.
--Also, I think it's going to be rather sucky trying to get my posters down and bring them to Tech with me... But hopefully they'll make the trip. Gotta have all my wolfies surrounding me ^_^
--On a lighter note, wolves kick ass. All who would ever want to kill or even harm a wolf, or any sentient, breathing thing really, should be tortured until they see the error of their ways.
--I'm happy overall right now. :) I saw The Manchurian Candidate last night... That was not very happy. Good movie though. I'd recommend it, but you may need to cover your eyes at some points. And you don't miss any important parts of the movie by doing so, believe me. *_*
--This post was condensed a lot to make it smaller. I could have made it look nicer, but I decided not to be all perfectionist for once. ;P

Anyway, good night... I can't think of anything else to write. WWYL.

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Sunday, August 1, 2004

12:24AM - Excitement.

Woo... finally the time has come... my college orientation is tomorrow and the next day. :)

Apparently it'll be quite a bit of fun... and well have time to mill around and meet other freshmen. I'm really looking forward to it. :) I have all my stuff ready to go. I'll give a report after I get back on Monday.

Today I've been slave-laboring... I cleaned out big areas of the basement and the attic for my parents and threw out a bunch of boxes and other stuff that wasn't worth keeping. I also mowed the lawn and then listed a bunch of stuff on eBay for my mom. So I'm pretty tired right now and ready to go to sleep.

Right after I watch Wolf's Rain, that is. ;) It is such a wonderful show; really it is... Anyway, I'm off to watch... Hope everyone's well and woof with you later!

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